Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Blog Hits the Big Time

I have been blogging for a bit more than a month…

Yet, my blog has reached the gossip column for a major newspaper. It turns out the San Diego Union Tribune has picked up my account of being spotted at the Zoo by a Zoo tour guide who sings in the San Diego Master Chorale. You simply can’t pay for this kind of publicity.

Thanks to Ellen from the sopranos who will soon join the service and give up zoo touring, as well as singing in the San Diego Master Chorale.

I truly enjoyed my day at the San Diego Zoo. Beyond the brief moment when I was recognized, I spent hours of anonymous animal gazing while listening to my precious mp3 player. Beyond the music of local composer Joseph Waters, I listened to some late Beethoven. There is no place like lengthy solitary listening to absorb late Beethoven. The sum of all the parts come together and I am usually moved to tears at one point or another. Probably the last three piano sonatas catch me the most. I used to say that Op 111 hit me the most. These days I would definitely say that op 109 & 110 hit me most.

Do you think Beethoven ever imagined I would hear near perfect recordings of his piano works in remarkable fidelity while watching the San Diego gorillas interact with children for near 25 minutes? If the children are unaware of the profound impact of late Beethoven, have they missed something as they watch the gorillas?

What a difference a century makes…